A year of firsts for everyone…2020. Firsts have entered every aspect of our lives. At Good News Media Inc. it is a transition to a new look and format for our October fund drives. What used to be Sharathon will now be our IMPACT event each October.

IMPACT – one word that defines every broadcast day, every effort made to invest into our communities and what happens in the heart of each listener. Every dimension of Good News Media Inc. brings the message and truth of the Gospel to the forefront. This is the impact you make when you invest in WLJN, FUEL FM and THE SOURCE.

Together, God has now entrusted us with three radio formats, eight signals and a discipleship ministry.

 Will you join the Good News Media IMPACT 2020 team for this next twelve months? God’s message of hope, redemption, encouragement, and truth is needed now more than any time in our lifetime. As we have seen our own country reach new lows morally, socially, and politically, we must renew our passion to invest in the only message that will truly IMPACT the human heart.

Make an IMPACT